Molly Litt

Actor / Voice Actor / Model


Molly is a multi-hyphenate artist whose passions lie in visceral, collaborative, feminist art.

About Molly

*Recipient of the 2021 Joan Plowright (Lady Olivier) Acting Prize for Performance.

Molly is a classically trained, New England based actor, voice actor, and model.

At eight years old, Molly began her acting journey with a local Shakespeare troupe for six years.

From acting camps to home movies, to putting on plays for unsuspecting babysitters – Molly always loved to entertain. Harboring dreams of one day playing Hamlet and acting in films, she performed in high school shows and local projects, and competed (and placed) in the New England Theater Festival and the National Poetry Out Loud Competition. 

In 2021, Molly received her BA (Honors) in Acting from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in England. There she underwent extensive training in stage, screen, vocal, and physical techniques. Molly took on a multitude of projects including directing a radio play, choreographing a performance-art piece, voice-over and ADR, modeling in London, and acting in both short and feature length films.

When the pandemic halted classes, Molly kept herself busy by creating a quarantine-inspired short film and organizing LIPA’s 24 Hour Play Project for the second year in a row.

By the end of her training, Molly had received high praise from prominent British theater director Daisy Evans and renowned voice-acting coach Marina Calderone. She attained some of the highest grades in her class, and best of all – she had finally landed her dream role of Hamlet.

Molly has a particular interest in physical theater, comedy, Shakespeare, and voice acting.


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